The highest bitumen road in Australia is a great place for incredibly scenic road cycling sessions in summer, particularly for those competitive riders wishing to engage in altitude training. The climb (or descent) from Harrietville covers 38km of winding road and forms part of the annual Hotham Challenge Ride Weekend. A simple ride between Dinner Plain and Hotham is a great way to escape the everyday amongst the high country snowgums. Why not challenge your group to a journey from Omeo to Harrietville, overnighting at Shepparton Alpine Club?

Road Cycle or Mountain Bike Mt Hotham

Into road cycling or high altitude mountain biking? Mt Hotham is the highest alpine village in Australia and is home to the highest bitumen road in Australia. We have some amazing terrain for you and your mates to explore.

We have professional cyclists and weekend warriors ascending and descending all over the place after the snow has gone in early October through to late April each year.

Just one example of our incredible terrain is riding up (if you’re kind of mad) the Great Alpine Road from Bright or Harrretville to Hotham or rolling down the 38km bitumen road with the family from our lodge to Harrretville.

For our Mountain biking friends, there are trails from Hotham Heights to Dinner Plain, and even more is under development. You won't believe what it’s like up here until you see it for yourself. 

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7 Peaks Ride the Ultimate Ascent Challenge for the dedicated road cyclist. See more info here or get your 7 Peaks passport now and start your journey.

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